Dear (insert name)

It’s so easy to take reading for granted. Like many things in life, it’s an activity that hardly merits a second thought. Yet, reading and writing are critically important skills people throughout the world need for daily survival and happiness. With this thought in mind, the staff and students of (name of school) invite you to share our commitment to reading by helping us celebrate literacy.

To increase awareness of the importance of reading, we will be hosting a READ IN from October (insert date range) in honour of this year’s theme, (insert theme).  Parents and members of our community are invited to drop in to our READ IN centre during school hours to read, be read to or participate in READ IN events. Guests are encouraged to offer to share an experience or book that was very important in their lives, either as children or as adults. READ IN activities are not confined to the READ IN centre.

Staff and students are also hoping to visit people who are unable to come to the (name of school_______________________), such as senior citizens, patients in hospitals and children in day care centres. While school is the place where literacy develops, it is nurtured and shared throughout the community.

In addition to our school, READ IN events will be held at our READ IN partner sites and other locations throughout Edmonton. Check out for helpful information.

If you would like to participate, or you would like more information, please call ________________________, our READ IN coordinator at(school), telephone number).  In the meantime, happy reading!