Theme for 2022: Choose Your Own Adventure


What is READ IN?

The READ IN initiative began in the 1990’s and consisted of representatives from Edmonton Catholic Schools, Edmonton Public Schools and NorQuest. These organizations joined together to raise awareness of the importance of literacy. Various partners have been involved in READ IN through the years, including the Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord, post-secondary institutions, media outlets, Edmonton Public Library, and the City of Edmonton. READ IN partners seek to share their love of reading with all the members of our community.

When is READ IN Week? READ IN Week is October 3-7, 2022
Although literacy and learning events occur throughout the year, READ IN Week is a special time for our city to celebrate reading. READ IN emphasizes sharing your love of reading with others, introducing friends and family to your favourite books, and treating reading as a community event rather than a solitary pursuit. Read-alouds and storytimes are the bread and butter of READ IN week, whether taking place in a school, a library, a community agency, or at home.

How do I get involved?

  • Initiate a READ IN activity at your local library, school, workplace, or community organization.
  • Be a guest reader in a local classroom. Get connected with a school by contacting one of the school boards. Let them know if you are willing to read aloud in a language other than English.

School Division Contacts

Dana Prefontaine, Edmonton Catholic Schools
780-441-6075 |

READ IN Team, Edmonton Public Schools
780-429-8282 |

Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord
780-468-6440 |